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Saturday, September 1, 2012

note sent to Michelle Bachmann in Aug 2012 regarding her racist hate-mongering

Your political hate-mongering is endangering people's lives. You don't see moderates and progressives going postal on groups of people out of hate or prejudice. Case in point: how many people know that Sarah Palin's PAC website used to have a map of congressional districts with crosshairs covering 20 of them, representing dems who had voted for health care reform? Arizona's 8th district, Gabby Gifford's district, was one of them. and Gifford's Tea Party opponent at that time, Jesse Kelly, posed in campaign ads holding an M-16. That was 2010, before Giffords and her staff and constituents were attacked.... hate-mongering perpetuates hate, and action in some cases. Duche Limbag has a huge unintelligent following. The extreme right politicians don't have to do the dirty work.all they have to do is speak their trash, and the rebel extremists and hate groups do the dirty work for them. Abedin has to have a guard because of your stupidity. You don't care that you have jeopardized people's lives.  You are an ugly human being with a horrible spirit and an embarrassment.  

Reverend Renee L. Ten Eyck

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