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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Employer wanted

My favorite rock wall at the Crags looking mystical, like a
picture out of LOTR.
 Highly passionate energizer bunny with high expectations and level of commitment who gets things done, never settling for less, seeks employer who values passion and Incline and furry Therapy, is altruistic, standing for something and believing in diversity, enjoying all of life and the world. This employer knows that doing what is right is not always convenient, but will always follow the path of highest conviction.

This employer will foster a team environment, always supporting, valuing and thoughtfully considering ideas, thoughts, suggestions or criticism that could lead to an improvement in the work environment or the wellbeing of treasured staff, or creation of a place where employees feel valued and empowered, knowing that what they do makes a difference, and that their ideas and other contributions are valuable. This employer will intuitively seek the best, truest and most valuable skills and assets within his or her treasured staff, always first assuming, and expecting, the best of them, always believing in their potential to succeed, and pushing him/herself and others to higher levels of performance. Demonstrates clarity of purpose. Values staff who stick with tasks when others quit.

This employer will embrace and respect diversity in all its glorious forms and manifestations, wisely knowing that with differences come new ideas and solutions, new inventions, improved methods, best practices, powerful skill sets, and creates empowered and impassioned employees.