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Friday, April 22, 2011

I can fly!

It's been an incredibly long week (long two years), with some nearly sleepless nights, but it's all done. I am no longer a masters program student.  Does this mean I get to have "MPA" behind my name? When I look back over all that we have accomplished in this masters program, it's a remarkable thing-that each step prepares you for the final step-the Public Administration captone project, which is huge-you create a project that incorporates elements from every course and every aspect of administration that you have learned over the entire program, and end up with this thing that is nearly living, breathing, and seemingly not that far from manifesting. All the long nights and brain-frying pay off before you even have your new job. Then there's this sense that, if we can do this, we can save the world (or conquor it)-or at least our little corner of it (except for the week 8 project- which was really hard to narrow down to 10 slides-90 slides would have been easier-Death by PPT!)

 In addition to trying to finalize this final step of the project, I incorporated that information, as I have been doing all along into my original PPT presentation from week 2, which is now nearly 90 slides! And though this barely covers the "tip of the iceberg" on all that is necessary to implement a nonprofit program, it feels more attainable than ever-within reach.  Understandably, more brains are better than one, and this program proposal will go through revisions and upgrades once I have others "on my bandwagon" who will inevitably bring knowledge and expertise to the table, but it's an awesome feeling-to create something that feels so big that has the potential to help people. 

I presented my proposal, my large nearly 90 slide PPT, to the Fountain Valley Foundation Board last night and hours later they invited me to join the Board! It's a foundation in transition, but those who remain are a good group, they operate from a place of integrity, so, even though it could take a while to make this program a reality, I think it's completely possible. And I get the honor to be part of a wonderful thing as it evolves to become even better.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Conservation Wolf Stamp

Conservation Wolf Stamp Definitely on my "to be purchased" list. Being the most endangered wolf in the world, it is our responsibility to preserve them.