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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Email to Gov Jan Brewer re pregnancy before conception 31 Aug 2012

     Just because you act to protect cells that haven't developed a nervous system, you are not pro-life. When you wantonly waste the lives of service members in make-believe wars to protect money in your pockets and jeopardize the lives of service members, taking advantage of their desire to serve something greater than themselves-you are NOT pro life because you are wasting those living and breathing lives! And when you protect the cells but do not protect the life of the mother who IS living and breathing (or her children if she has living/breathing children)-then you are NOT pro LIFE. You are pro RELIGION.

 On the text of the current Colorado personhood bill, Initiative 46, that failed to acquire enough valid petition signatures: “But the proposed text doesn’t define what to my theological ears is the more provocative term: “innocent…” “But notice, where rape and incest are concerned, it is only the fetus’ innocence that’s stipulated.”- Sarah Morice-Brubaker- assistant professor of theology at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, OK 


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