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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My jan 25, 2012 email to Rep. Doug Lamborn regarding his boycott of the president's SOTU

Regarding your boycott of President Obama's SOTU:
I am totally disgusted. I'm not a democrat (or republican), but, well, one person's comment sums it up for me:
"I'm glad to see that our representative has a closed mind about the president’s speech. That's the problem with politics in this country, all our politicians have closed minds. That's why we'll never be better as a country. Different parties will always have different ideas for what's best for the country."

You represent COLORADO constituents-not yourself.  You represent ALL of your constituents, not just the ones you deem worthy, and you have sorely and publicly misrepresented your constituents.

You're not leading this country or even your own state-and you should all be fired for focusing on your own PERSONAL agendas, and for selectively choosing which constituents you're going to work for, choosing only those who you deem worthy..
In addition, YOU all set up OUR president for failure by refusing to do YOUR jobs. Rather than doing your job and working together to find real solutions for America, you're too busy trying to crucify a man who simply wants to do his best for this country. I'm not a democrat, but I'm really sick and tired of republicans who are just as monstrous tyrants as religious fanatics focused on trying to force their ideals and agendas on other Americans rather than finding out what the collective desires are of ALL constituents and working for ALL your constituents cooperatively with all members in Washington.

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