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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dec 2011 email to Members of the Iowa House Eighty-Fourth General Assembly House 100

I am both an ordained minister and a member of my current city’s planning commission, among other things, and I am appalled.  And you should be ashamed.  I cannot fathom how anyone thinks they have the moral right to dictate the private life of another.  I can’t believe your constituents are paying you to meddle in their private lives and waste their tax dollars on such ugly legislation.
This is so horrible to me, that some people are really no different than Hitler or other extremists, in that they think they’re better than another group of people, in this case, gays, and not only think they have more moral value, but that they have the right to control or dictate the lives of that group, in this case, dictating the marriage decisions/abilities for this group.  You are no different than Hitler.  Heinous and horrible. As public officials, you should know that you answer to ALL your constituents, because some of that target group are also your taxpayers and constituents. Christianity (or any other religion) doesn’t have a monopoly on morality. This behavior from anyone is so cruel, especially public officials, elected by the people, promoting discrimination and hatred rather than compassion and acceptance.  Are you aware that Iowa has six recognized hate groups? And your behavior fuels their horrible hate-mongering discrimination and lack of tolerance. As public officials, your job is to keep and protect ALL of your constituents, not just the ones you deem worthy.
Family is determined by love and kinship. Why would you deny that to anyone?

This behavior from anyone, let alone a public official is so cruel, promoting discrimination and hatred. Now you have the opportunity to promote compassion and acceptance, or at least tolerance. I’m sure you have seen this letter to Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, but it bears a re-read, because it is unconstitutional for anyone to think they can dictate the private lives of another.
 It may not be long before your constituents are suing your state for unethical violation of constitutional rights as citizens:
‎"the U. S. District Court judge wrote, “The record suggests, and the testimony at the hearing bolsters, the Plan was imposed because Plaintiff exhibited an inability to counsel in a professionally ethical manner — that is, an inability to resist imposing her moral viewpoint on counselees – in violation of the ACA Code of Ethics.”" 

Cc: President Barrack Obama

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