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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spay Day 2011 Online Pet Photo Contest

Spay Day 2011 Online Pet Photo Contest

Hi! Solstice wants to ask if you will vote for her in the Spay Day Online Pet Photo Contest - and help save other pets' lives at the same time?  Helping animals is really important to me, and your donation will not only help Solstice in the contest, but will save pets' lives by reducing pet overpopulation. Thanks!

Conquered the great pumpkin

Coming home for the first time-one very sick little dumpster kitty

Lord of the Rings Monopoly will never be the same

I'm just so happy to be safe and have a full belly

Up to no good..

Getting better each day

Well enough to have energy to play!

She has a lioness inside her and radiates sunshine (hence, her name); she shows gratitude more than anyone I know (she was very sick when I found and nursed her to health). She's so lovey for a cat-even though ours is a mutual arrangement (as it is with all cats) she will snuggle and purr for hours showing her happiness and gratitude.

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