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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Purported "man of the cloth's" intent to burn the Quran

World Leaders Denounce Plans for Quran Burning at US-Church

Renee's take on this horrible issue, and the gist of the letter I sent to Pastor Terry Jones:

I am very disturbed by this matter. Unexceptable acts on the part of Americans that jeopardize service members and military missions are not about free speach. It's about safety.  My letter follows:

Pastor Terry Jones
Dove Center
5805 Northwest 37th Street
Gainesville, FL 32653
(352) 371-2487

I am retired military, but more than that, I am an Army wife whose husband, who has already been to Iraq 4 times, has to watch him deploy again next year. Don’t do something to cause innocent Islamic citizens, both in the United States and abroad, to either not cooperate with service members, or, at worst, to lash out viciously at my husband and other service members. Our military has enough to worry about.

1. The Quran does not just represent extremists; it also represents peaceful, innocent citizens.

2. The bible does not just represent peaceful, innocent citizens; it also represents extremists, such as the KKK and other groups, who use it to justify their horrible views and deeds, yet no one is burning bibles.

3. It is not productive, and I am ashamed that another American, a man of the cloth who is supposed to set the good example of what kind of a person to be, is resorting to such an ignorant and thoughtless act. Resolving not to burn the Quran is not resorting to passivity. It is simply more productive, and mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthier to be the better person; rather than fostering hate, use this situation to teach love of the world, and that even people who claim to be Christians can be horrible, and do horrible things, but that most of the world, is not horrible in that way.

4. Sell your book. Don’t burn the book that also represents the innocent.

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